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News Forum - Chinese tourists expected to flock back to Phuket and Chiang Mai


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Chinese tourists are expected to soon flock back to Phuket and Chiang Mai, after China eased travel restrictions on its citizens on January 8.  Now, the two tourism hotspots expect a significant jump in travel on direct flights from China from January 18, according to local airport authorities. There will be one daily direct flight from China to Chiang Mai, and three to Phuket, with non-stop air links to keep rising between the two countries, Bangkok Post reported. On January 18, a flight will start operating from Shanghai to Chiang Mai.  Two days later, another flight will start operating from […]

The story Chinese tourists expected to flock back to Phuket and Chiang Mai as seen on Thaiger News.

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1 hour ago, Ramanathan.P said:

Just avoid all those tourists destination and travel to remote places to enjoy nature

Impossible for Chiang Mai as it is just one big city with things to look at and places to go.

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This is terrible huge devastating news for Chiang Mai. The Chinese plainly need to stay away. No one wants them here and they are not welcome in huge numnbers like before as they turn CM into an ugly living gross he**.  They had their chance but blew it, and so everyone here knows nothing ever in the past was good with them here and will never be with having them here again. Stay away Even Suvarnabhumi airport yesterday had the ugly Chinese tourist feeling in low mode again. You definetley noticed them and their mannerisms and could hear them when they boisterously non caringly spoke out as they always do. I ate in the food court and one Chinese person cut directly in front of an Aussie guy. The Aussie guy was right on this rude Chinese guy and quickly got in his face saying get back I am first before you. And that is without them bringing their lab bat virus to pollute and infect Thailand once again.

This government is so out of touch. Just say no to the CCP and mass Chinese tourists.

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