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Thai Enquirer's opinion piece on corruption


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Full article here offers food for thought ....https://www.thaienquirer.com/46984/opinion-prayuts-promise-of-cleaning-up-thailand-from-ills-falls-flat-on-his-face-after-chinese-triad-network-seeps-to-the-top-ranks/


The week-after-week revelation of how deep the network of the Chinese mafia has reached in Thailand is something that can only be blamed on the government of the 2014 coup leader, General Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The latest revelation saw Prayut’s handpicked anti-money laundering chief resign for allegedly helping the triad rather than prosecuting them.

So far, more than 6 billion Baht worth of assets has been seized from a Chinese syndicate that was exposed after an illegal club/casinos/drug den called Jinling in Yannawa was raided by the police in October.

Out of the 6 billion, half of it belongs to Chaiyanat “Tu Hao” Kornchayanant including deeds, mansions, and luxury cars.

The police said themselves that Tu Hao and other mafia bosses had left China for Cambodia to escape prosecution.

They were causing a lot of trouble in Cambodia before they met with a huge crackdown in the neighboring country which eventually led them to Thailand.

Tu Hao was busted for his “Zero Baht” tour scheme in Thailand earlier, where his tour companies were taking Chinese tourists around to Chinese-run businesses in the Kingdom only, hence the nickname.

Article continues herehttps://www.thaienquirer.com/46984/opinion-prayuts-promise-of-cleaning-up-thailand-from-ills-falls-flat-on-his-face-after-chinese-triad-network-seeps-to-the-top-ranks/

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I recall that during Duterte Harry's reign as Pres of Phils, the only significant meth labs that were busted, were those run by Chinese, and these were on an industrial scale. 

Unusually, I can find no reports of shots ever being fired in any of those raids. On the face of it, Duterte's anti-drugs was "take no prisoners" and no questions will be asked".

There was a time when if a Chinese national ever got caught doing such a thing, the last thing they would want was to be returned to China where they might face a bullet for bringing shame on the country. I do wonder if things have changed so much, that China now regards such people as entrepreneurs, leading to them being treated lightly in those countries where they have now expanded to, and places like TH putting out the welcome mat to Chinese fugitives from Cam justice? And for those countries that might try to actively deal with these gangs, the possibility of fear of reprisals by China are being considered? 

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