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Why are transit flights via BKK allowed when traveling to K. Samui but not allowed when traveling to Phuket?


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I live permanently in Phuket and back in May 2021 I purchased a return ticket on Thai Smile from Phuket to Bangkok and a return ticket on ANA onwards to the USA.

My return flight to Thailand was scheduled to coincide with the July 1st start date for the Phuket Sandbox.

When I applied for my COE to return to Thailand I was told by the Thai embassy in Washington that airport transit via Bangkok onward to Phuket were not allowed. So my return trip has been indefinitely delayed, unless I want to lose the return portion of my USA - Thailand ticket

Why is it that transit flights via BKK allowed when traveling to K. Samui for its version of the "Sand box" but not allowed when traveling to Phuket? Surly if a secure transit area can be set up in BKK for onward travel to Samui, the same could be done for transit passengers to Phuket?

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Koh Samui Airport is owned and operated by Bangkok Airways and doesn't have International capability as yet.


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Scheduling for International carriers like Thai, Emirates, SIA, Qatar, Etihad etc, allows them to fly direct into Phuket (HKT), and continue on to BKK or another major destination for turn-around, refueling, maint, and freight delivery. 

The other way around doesn't work due to HKT limitations on freight handling and turn-around.

Samui is unique and secure transit lane arrangements are in place for Immigration and Customs handling.

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Thanks Rob,

I recognize Bangkok Airways monopoly position with regards to flights into Samui necessitates a different approach.   

The point I'm trying to make is that if there can be secure transit lane arrangements in place for Customs and Immigration in BKK for transit flights to Samui, the same could easily be done for Phuket.

It's not as though having a few more gates secured for that reason would disrupt to flow of passengers in BKK, the airport is doing very little business anyway.

The stated goal is to encourage as many folks as possible to travel to Phuket to help the economy there recover. So a secure transit lane from their international flights arriving in Bangkok to a domestic one, be it to Samui or Phuket, seems pretty practical. When other provinces without international airports start opening, it will be a necessity. 

I do admit that my opinion on this issue is somewhat parochial but perhaps the special consideration being shown to Bangkok Airways allowing internarial transit passengers access to special Gates, Customs & Immigration so as to join their flights to Samui... could be extended to Bangkok Airways flights to Phuket as well.

A win / win situation for all   

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