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News Forum - Sea turtle choked to death on plastic waste


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The Sea Turtle Conservation Centre revealed the dead turtle that washed ashore on a Chon Buri beach yesterday choked to death on plastic waste. Veterinarians at the centre said more than two kilogrammes of waste was found inside the marine reptile when they examined it. About 100 grammes of fishing net, nylon filament, plastic and small nails and other rubbish, were discovered inside its stomach and gut, reported Bangkok Post. The 20 year old female was found on Kinnaree beach on Sunday morning and sent to the navy’s turtle conservation centre for examination. The centre added they did not know […]

The story Sea turtle choked to death on plastic waste as seen on Thaiger News.

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3 hours ago, Ramanathan.P said:

Just ban all plastics in tourists destinations. 

that seems illogical. It isn't a locally based problem it isn't even just a Thailand problem - it is the international dumping of plastics in the seas -they are then moved around by currents, wind and tides until they disintegrate into micro plastics = they reckon that the average human consumes the equivalent of 2 large plastic shopping bags every year.

It IS worth noting that despite bans in certain areas, Thailand is still one of te main users of single use plastics. Thailand also has a dreadful rubbish disposal record.

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23 hours ago, Karolyn said:

This is sad but scarcely uncommon, because turtles eat passively floating, gelatinous plankton, that happens to resemble floating plastic 

So you're blaming the turtle??

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