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Indonesian Child Deaths


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The number of children who have died from AKI (acute kidney injury) after taking a cough syrup in Indonesia, now stands at 195.



The cough syrups have been tested & show high concentrations of Diethylene Glycol & Ethylene Glycol. Both products are used in antifreeze.


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Firstly, Indonesia is an absolutely poor country. Don't let the glitz and touristy friendliness fool you. Majority of the nation is trying to make ends meet. 

Secondly, Indonesia is a very Conservative nation. Of course, the young has democratic ideals and believe in some form of secular pluralism, but those that are educated in Islamic education and have very traditional Islamic beliefs dislike Western intrusions and their influences. Aceh province practice Sharia or Syariah jurisprudence and floggings are common who flout their rules like adultery and drinking alcohol. Nevertheless, most of West Indonesia have very strict rules of Islamic practices. Politicians who err on Islamic beliefs are punished with impunity. Just ask 'Ah Hock, an ethnic Chinese Indonesian, the former Governor of Jakarta.

Thirdly, medical treatments are almost entirely impossible for the poor. Most self medicate or getting consultations from a peddlar at an apotek/apotik (pharmacy). Most of these 'apoteks' are unregistered. Even I have seen Guardian pharmacies selling certain medications that are likely to be dubious. Guardian pharmacy is an equivalent to the Boots pharmacies in Thailand. Guardian is throughout the major cities in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Fourth, for an ordinary person to obtain treatment at government hospitals mean forever waiting or never. Government clinics and hospitals are inefficient, poorly funded, and lacked of staff. Most Indonesians prefer private hospitals but that too were bad as well but better than government ones. So, if those that can ill afford, will travel to Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore for top notch treatment. Malaysia has been the top destination for many Indonesians seeking medical tourism. The two most popular hospitals are Gleneagles and Columbia Hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. However, Indonesians who cannot afford private hospitals in Malaysia, many also attend medical treatment at Malaysian specialist government hospitals like the Cancer hospital in Putrajaya.

One thing is of concern is that, how the hell Indonesia is even recognised as a G20 nation. The major influence of using Indonesia as a G20, I think, is to stop Indonesia from becoming a Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) country with strong Chinese interests. The thing is that Indonesia is under one 'secular' optimistic President currently. However, if looking at the rest of the politicians, they are mostly Conservatives with strong Islamic narratives, as their pleasant undertones.

To change even the most abstract thing like pharmaceutical or medical corruption, don't. It is secondary. Everything will just be whitewashed because there are almost 290 million people in Indonesia with some 17,000 isles. As the Indons say, "it's a far cry, we'll get over it." 

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