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News Forum - French MP causes uproar in parliament after shouting racial slur at colleague


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A rightwing French MP has caused an uproar in the country’s parliament after shouting a racial slur at a lawmaker. The representative, Grégoire de Fournas, interrupted Carlos Martens Bilongo, a far-left representative for the party France Unbowed, shouting “Go back to Africa.” Bilongo was reportedly calling on the French government to cooperate with EU countries to assist hundreds of African migrants that were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea. After the slur was shouted, the President of the National Assembly temporarily suspended the session after chaos ensued. Bilongo says the comment was a racist, personal attack, but de Fournas’ party says […]

The story French MP causes uproar in parliament after shouting racial slur at colleague as seen on Thaiger News.

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Very surprised to see this news on the Thaiger. But of course, there has to be a mistake. Not that many would be interested I am sure but anyway...



As French phonetic rules deem that there are little audible differences between the sentences, “He should go back to Africa” and “They should go back to Africa,” the back-and-forth banter surrounding the statement has spurred even more confusion.

Well the issue is not at all due to that phonetic rule (and if it was, there are actually 0 audible differences between those 2 sentences). He said "qu'ils retournent en Afrique" (they should go back to Africa - so then he can only mean the migrants) but some MPs say they did not hear the "qu'ils" (they), only "retourne en Afrique" (go back to Africa - so then he can only mean the French MP). I heard it and to me it is very much the first one, I could not even imagine one second anyone would be so mad to say the second one in the Parlement. And now it will be days of bla bla bla all over the news in France as if people there did not have any other problems. And they wonder why French people do not go to vote anymore.

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He just said (about ILLEGAL African migrants) that they should go back to Africa.

Where is the racism ? The western world is turning crazy and looks more and more like Soviet Union before it collapsed.



How such a ridiculous, fake and boring news can make a headline on TheThaiger ?

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