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Known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand is world-famous for its culture which includes spicy foods, amazing hospitality and exotic practices. But, upon arriving in the Kingdom, you may notice that smiles are handed out for almost every situation. If you are thinking that the average person cannot just be that happy about everything, you may be right. A Thai smile is a subtle form of interpersonal messaging. Hence, it is just more than a smile on someone’s face. In fact, there are at least 13 different smiles that a Thai person may use, with each one having a specific […]

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10 minutes ago, Soidog said:

Didn’t we do this article last week? 

Ahh so next week will be the monthly sin sod discussion?  I can't wait for the yims of sin sod to be discussed, like the "we got you, sucker" smile vs, the " we were too greedy, smile of disappointment" when the farang walks away from the demand of 2 gold bars,  a new shop and TV in exchange for Miss Twang, the 40 year oldish divorcee, formerly of Ubon, but now working at  Big Al's hoochee Coochee shack, and my favourite, the yim, that accompanies the " Aiee yie yie" cry of anguish, when the parents realize that the future husband is a chatterbox who can't stop yapping and waiing to everyone he meets, and insists on dressing like a cast member of Siamese dance troupe.

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