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News Forum - Poverty in Thailand has been halved says govt


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The Ministry of Interior insists that 1.9 million poor families have been rescued by the Thai government and that the state has halved the poverty problem in Thailand. The Permanent Secretary of the Interior Ministry, Suttipong Juncharoen, said poverty is a problem residents have to face and that the government cannot solve the problem by itself. Suttipong announced that the government wants to improve the nation’s poverty problem and does not want to leave any family behind. To prove this the ministry launched an online platform called ThaiQM to conduct a survey on poverty solutions and human resource development. The […]

The story Poverty in Thailand has been halved says govt as seen on Thaiger News.

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Helping 50.09% of poor families does not halve poverty (unless miraculously 99%+ of all helpings had the permanent effect of eradicating poverty of those helped). 

The example given of an on-line survey (presumably of the "read question and then write answer" kind) to allow the education department to "tackle" poverty caused by illiteracy (after which something miraculous is apparently supposed to happen) is just as much beyond belief ("there, now you know where and when the mai ek goes, so your poverty has vanished! QED").

I'm inclined to think it's a good start to a worthy initiative (whatever it may be, since proper links are missing as usual), but the efficacy claimed in this article is ridiculous. I really hope something went askew during translation or while picking a title and opening paragraph (damn, I may have been click-baited!), because otherwise Thai government should focus on the problem of stupidity instead of poverty.


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