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News Forum - Pheu Thai calls to dissolve Bhumjaithai Party over cannabis policy


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The Pheu Thai Party is pushing to see rival Bhumjaithai Party go up in smoke, planning a petition to dissolve the party over the handling of their cannabis policies. The party plans on filing a petition to the Election Commission to consider the dissolution of all parties involved in the bungling of the decriminalisation of cannabis in Thailand. They claim that the Bhumjaithai Party, who pushed for legalisation and then feigned shock that cannabis was being used recreationally and not just medically, used marijuana laws as smoke and mirrors to gain political favour among voters without proper legislative diligence, according […]

The story Pheu Thai calls to dissolve Bhumjaithai Party over cannabis policy as seen on Thaiger News.

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It is weapons-grade idiocy for the PTP to seek the dissolution of another political party for this or any other reason; it simply legitimizes a ludicrous power of the EC to enforce vague and unclear rules by whim. Moreover, the next time the EC decides to utilize its powers to dissolve a political party without a good reason, the likely target is a Thaksin-affiliated party. Any Thaksin-affiliated party. All Thaksin-affiliated parties.

It is also known as shooting yourself in the crotch.

The reason for seeking dissolution is also none too bright. The PTP is alleging malice in the BJP policy, but ignores that ever so truthful idiomatic expression of politics and bureaucracy...

"Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity."

It is a sad but serious question; does Thailand not have a single political party of value?


Seriously, one?


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It's true though that there is no "putting the cat back in the bag". No way they can recriminalise it now. The only thing they can do is tighten up the rules. It was a complete shambles the way they handled it. Clear rules should have been set out before it was decriminalised. Months spent finalising those rules.

Giving out over 1 million plants to the public? Allowing hundreds of dispensaries to open costing some owners millions of baht to setup? Some people spending everything they have to get a decent indoor growing operation setup? What about the 3000+ inmates with cannabis charges released? A lot even got their seized cannabis back! Now recriminalising it? No. Not going to happen.

All they need to do is tax the hell out of it. See the billions and billions of baht that can be made for the government and in turn the politicians. Then suddenly no one in the government will have any arguments to the legalisation.

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