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The view of a common person on Covid-19 Vaccinations


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The Covid-19 virus is a single-minded entity. If it is getting stopped, then all it needs to think about is changing (mutating) to survive. A pretty, simple, one-track plan!

Humans however have bodies they alter from birth from a single, grand design. We redesign, have health conditions, do, or not do exercise, eat the right things, or choose not to. Our thought patterns are guided and steered by family values, ethics, moral beliefs, how we are taught, how we retain education and our experiences. As we grow, we grow differently to each other!

Our minds are inundated by differing opinions from real experts, claimed to be experts, people who just like to hear their own opinion, politicians (mostly non-experts) operating off their own agendas, media, and other personalities with or with not unbiased opinion, medical professionals with actual knowledge (and some who have no experience in the field they are talking about), work colleagues, family, and friends.

What we see, read, and listen to has a major effect. Facts are supplied, as are statistics, which are then interpreted for us and often reinterpreted. Stories are written as “News”, many more fanciful than the best novels. Don’t blame those who write them as they are just doing their job.

For example, I particularly like the story about how the virus came from Aliens! Another one spoke about how after Vaccination, we were equally likely to be killed by being hit by a meteorite as by Covid-19. (Has anyone checked the science on this?  I don’t recall seeing people wandering around fields with clipboards, checking to see how many people have been killed by a meteorite to verify the stats!)

With so much information, how does one, ordinary, everyday person sort out, who from each group of people, really speaks the facts and who is speaking fiction. Who is doing the wrong thing and who is simply trying to do the right thing for everyone?

No wonder everything seems slow to happen and people are confused whether to vaccinate or not. We deal with too much information and not enough action.

Personally, I have decided to be vaccinated. Yes, I understand there are risks, possibly even death from the vaccination itself. However, at 58 years of age, after 4 heart attacks, a triple bypass, suffering from Epilepsy, Type 2 Diabetes, and years of abuse to my body, should I really worry? Probably not. After all, I go to sleep every night wondering if I will wake up in the morning as it is!

Let’s face it. With my health conditions, the balance of the information shows I have probably better odds with the Vaccine than without it. Regardless, I will still wear a mask when away from the home, vaccinated or not. Call it silly or a safety blanket. I don’t care as it is my choice.

And that is the point. Make your own choices as it is your body. But don’t cry foul if something different happens. We complex, diverse beings are playing catch-up in a war with a single-minded united enemy…..it is just life as we know it.

Or perhaps we could just walk around with our heads up looking out for Meteorites.


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