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Local officials under investigation for multimillion baht purchase of street lamps


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Following allegations of corruption over a local government’s exorbitant purchases on decorative street lamps, Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission has been investigating and say procurements of the street lamps in a province just outside Bangkok were not in line with regulations. More than 20 people and local government officials, including the former Samut Prakan governor, are now being investigated by the commission. A tambon administrative organisation in Samut Prakan, southeast of the capital, after the local officials purchased thousands of fancy solar-powered street lamps, adorned with mythical kinnaree figures, for 642.65 million baht. The commission has been looking into allegations that some executives in […]

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When there are so many pressing concerns in Thailand...the pandemic...the resulting loss of life...the spread of the virus...the lack of vaccines.... the loss of livelihoods.... The thought that there are those in Thailand who want to spend precious resources on ornate street lamps, isn't just cringeworthy.... it's pathetic. Time to get the priorities straight. Once the pandemic is under control, the people can return to their livelihoods, poverty is ended in Thailand and everyone in the Thai Kingdom is happy and content....then spend money on street lamps (or better still on prosecuting those who did this). I ask only one thing of the authorities.....do not spend a single Baht on those responsible for this. Spend it on relieving those who are suffering under the pandemic. The perpetrators of this can wait. Justice will be done....you can prosecute at a latter date. But in the priority of things facing Thailand at the moment, it's the last thing.  

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