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News Forum - Bangkok airport shames driver for parking in disabled bay


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Thai netizens hailed an officer from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok after he shamed a driver who selfishly parked a car in a disabled parking bay. Pictures of a white luxury Nissan 350Z in a disabled parking bay at Suvarnabhumi Airport were posted on Facebook by Chatree Sintateeyakorn yesterday. The pictures quickly went viral. The sign left on the illegally parked car’s front window caught the imagination of Thai social media. The sign said… “This parking area is reserved for disabled or elderly people. From the CCTV camera, you are neither disabled nor elderly.” The netizens praised Suvarnabhumi Airport’s officers for […]

The story Bangkok airport shames driver for parking in disabled bay as seen on Thaiger News.

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At Edinburgh Airport in Scotland they used to place a sticker over the windscreen and they used very aggressive glue that made it one hell of a task to remove using special industrial solvents. So it rendered the car virtually undrivable. These entitled b*stards need to be dealt with in non monetary ways because they simply shrug off a fine wether it is 1k or 100k baht. And Thailand is littered with people like this.

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The car should be removed and stored in a pound where the owner has to pay to release it.
The problem with wheel-clamping it is that all the time it is there, real disabled people cannot park there.

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yet another " Do you know who I am, I'm so rich I don't care" .

crush the car and then fine him as well or put his face on media to shame him and loose "face" maybe even more affective. 

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2 hours ago, Davelee said:

Didn't know a Nissan 350z is considered a luxury car


Not a family car with only 2 seats.

Not a working mans car, definitely.

Usually driven by a person with a hand permanentley implanted between their own legs legs - counting 99 100 change hands as they drive saying loudly "look at me".

If you are over 50 and own one of these go and have a good look in a full length mirror  after showering and for once in your life be honest with yourself at what you see. Few make the cut.

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