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News Forum - Customer masturbates in front of delivery driver in central Thailand


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Yesterday, a delivery driver filed a police complaint after he was sexually harassed by a customer in Nonthaburi province in central Thailand last week. The young driver waited more than one week to submit his evidence to police because he was scared he would be arrested for violating Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), a law introduced in June which made using the personal data of others without permission a punishable offence in Thailand. On September 13 at 1pm, 19 year old Suphakit, who is a university student and part-time delivery driver, received a request to deliver a pad thai […]

The story Customer masturbates in front of delivery driver in central Thailand as seen on Thaiger News.

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"Suphakit arrived at the house to find all the lights off. He rang the male customer to let him know he had arrived, who asked him to come into the house to deliver the food." 

Lights off, asked to enter the house... Nope... 


"Then, the male customer – who the driver said was in his 30s – ran back inside the house and said he would be right back. Suphakit said he heard the customer “moaning” inside the house." 

Was the food that good? 

"Suphakit said he wanted to leave but couldn’t get out of the village unless his card was stamped by the customer." 

Customer thought: Gotcha! 

"The customer ran back outside stark naked and continued to masturbate in front of the driver. The driver said it went on for about five minutes until he saw the customer “finish” masturbating." 

What happened those 5 minutes? Silently staring into each other's eyes from a distance while one is jerking off? 

" Then, the customer paid 200 baht for his pad thai. The driver said the customer tipped him 100 baht before thanking him and saying he would use the service again." 

Couldn't have come up with any better reaction other than trying to shake the driver's hand before he left. 

" In the two years he has worked as a delivery driver, he said he has never seen anything like this."

Imagine if it happened regularly. That would definitely become the weirdest job ever. 😂


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With out the tug and pull, one time when at my home in the US which was just one day, the Jehovahs's Witnesses showed up at my door yet again, so fed up with them I answered my door totally naked and said something of the satan accord. Girl and guy and they ran away very quick. Be it back then I had really long hair as I was a proffesional musician as well so the viusal was pretty hard for them to take.

But for some reason it really grosses me out to read this as this A-hole is naked and tug pulling at a delivery person. Totally disgusting. Calls for the idiot to have his whacker wacked off. actually would serve him right to become a soprano. .

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