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News Forum - Plan to phase out importing plastic scrap by 2025


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After two years of discussion, a ban on plastic scrap imports is finally set to roll out in phases over the next three years. The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Varawut Silpa-archa leads the subcommittee on plastic and electronic waste management, and at a recent meeting, they examined factories that make use of plastic scrap and considered their production capacity. He insisted that the country must not be used as a trash bin for other countries’ garbage. “Thailand must not be a dump site for plastic waste. By the end of the next three years, we will not allow […]

The story Plan to phase out importing plastic scrap by 2025 as seen on Thaiger News.

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Good on Thailand for this; I wish more countries would enact a similar policy; keep your own garbage, Matey!

The biggest scam inflicted on people in the last 50 years is the notion that we, the general population, are responsible for the plastic waste generated by corporations; they created it and they should be held liable for its re-use, its recycling or its disposal in a responsible manner.

"A campaign to remove or limit single-use plastic bags in convenience stores and department stores has already lessened usage by 43% over two years, saving 150,000 tonnes of waste from going into landfills."

The ban on single use plastics has also been a success, although I wish it were more heavily promoted and enforced. My local 7-11 stopped plastic bags quite a while ago, and everyone has adapted. Further, Tesco, Big C, Tops, etc. have followed suit and it has gone quite well.

The next big area to promote the banning of plastic(s) are the markets and/or the ready meal(s) places, but that can be done. I stopped accepting plastic in the market several years ago and to this day it has been beneficial; the market ladies don't even offer me a bag anymore, they scold me if I ever forget, and they give me occasional discounts and/or freebies as they like that I am doing something for their environment. My favorite thing is that I see them occasionally pointing me out to their friends "That's the Farang who brings his own bags"; they are proud of me.

All in all, a reasonable policy, gradually introduced, and I look forward to the time when plastic bags are merely a bad memory.


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