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NASA's DART Mission happening now(-ish)


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Hello Space Junkies!

NASA's DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission is occurring now and might be of interest.

First and foremost, while the acronym 'DART' is okay, NASA needs to up its Public Relations game on this; they are deliberately crashing a satellite into an asteroid to see if they can deflect it, so it should be called the "Save Earth from Armageddon" mission or something else more catchy. And, perhaps they should make a movie about the issue; perhaps with Bruce Willis?

What is the DART mission? 

"NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission, or DART for short, is an ambitious project designed to test a method of deflecting an asteroid for the purpose of planetary defense, using the "kinetic impactor" technique. " (space.com, link below)

Yes, humanity is starting to look at the issue of planetary defense against asteroids. It may seem like an unlikely occurrence, but tell that to the dinosaurs. Oh wait! You can't anymore as they were wiped out by an asteroid.

The actual crash will occur on September 26th, but preparations are underway.


Photo from Space.com, link below

Some reading...




Usually I recommend Space.com for everything, but the Gizmodo article here is probably the best read.

Way-Cool Space Stuff!


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Hello Space Junkies!

The NASA DART mission to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid will occur soon, and we will be able to watch it (see links below).

"NASA's DART spacecraft will crash into the asteroid Dimorphos on Sept. 26 at 7:14 p.m. EDT."

The basic mission is testing potential planetary defense against small-ish asteroids which might threaten Earth. Yes, a great deal could be done in the lab, and I am sure has been done in the lab, but actually doing it will likely yield some unexpected data that computer models won't provide.

And again, we can watch it.

Way Cool.







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Hit the sucker (photo below; seconds before impact)

Think about it; we (humanity) managed to hit a small (ish) asteroid that we couldn't even see; truly a great feat of Engineering and Science.

And, it is the first step in being able to protect Earth from Space objects; it is the stuff of movies, but space objects took out the dinosaurs, so...

We truly are living in a golden era of Space


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This needs a little context...

BBC.com and Space.com have published some good write-ups; they are worth a read.

I read so much crap in the news that I sometimes just turn it all off because it is too depressing. However, when I see/read stuff like this, it rekindles my hopes for our species.

We (humanity) are capable of wondrously good deeds and monstrous evil; which will win in the end?

Metaphorically speaking, are God and the Devil playing chess?



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