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News Forum - 2 female Thai party leaders emerge as strong PM candidates


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While King Charles III effortlessly ascended to the throne upon the death of England’s Queen Elizabeth II this week, the path to the prime ministership in Thailand will be a bit more protracted and messy. Two women have emerged as top candidates for Prime Minister, with Thai Sang Thai Party’s Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan so far polling above Pheu Thai Party candidate and former PM’s daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra. On Friday, Sudarat announced she’s ready to advocate for a “people’s constitution” as prime minister. The Thai Sang Thai Party selected 50 executive members and 11 deputy leaders during the same general assembly. […]

The story 2 female Thai party leaders emerge as strong PM candidates as seen on Thaiger News.

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11 hours ago, Rookiescot said:

And as soon as it looks like happening there will be another military coup.

Or the leading contenders will be charged with some offence that prohibits them from running for office.

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Most importantly, the people’s constitution must stipulate the harshest possible penalties against anyone who seeks to scrap the constitution.”

All well and good if you have the perfect constitution.

A good constitution needs to allow for future variance, not be set in stone.  What is good today may be bad in 20 years.

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555 makes me laugh when people talk about being the next PM. Any PM will quickly find I suspect that the army are still firmly in control and they can only stay PM as long as they toe the army line. The military 'junta' will not give up its power without a fight and until they do there can be no TRUE democracy in Thailand.

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