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News Forum - Prayut submits 30-page defence to court to remain PM


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In the ongoing battle for Prayut Chan-o-cha to maintain his control as Prime Minister of Thailand, the suspended PM and current Minister of Defence had his legal team submit a 30-page document that lays out his defence against all the arguments regarding his term limits to the Constitutional Court. While the Constitutional Court is still considering whether Prayut can remain on as prime minister past the eight years he served already or not, on August 24, the eight-year anniversary of his ascension to the role, the court ordered that he be suspended from the position while deliberation continues. Upon suspension, […]

The story Prayut submits 30-page defence to court to remain PM as seen on Thaiger News.

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could be April 6, 2017 when the constitution was published in the Royal Gazette after being signed by His Royal Majesty King Vajiralongkorn and therefore put into effect. 

So does that mean that any term prior to it being ratified by HRM King Variralonkorn can be deemed illegal.


My thoughts are that a constitution is deemed still in effect until officially replaced legally or deemed irrelevant until that Constitution is cancelled by HRH.

The same authourity that ratifies a constitution is the only one that can cancel the same.

Did HRH cancel the Constitution legally in 2014??????? Anyone know???

My argument is that HRH ratified the new constitution in 2017 so the self appointed PM from 2014 was still deemed to be in the position Constitutionally from August 2014, if this so then his term has expired.  (Good night Pnut)

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I’d hope that Prayut has the sense to go because a majority of voters want him out. To stay on will only damage his parties chances at the next election. However I can see him winning his case and getting his position back. He was voted out 5/4 so it won’t take much to reverse the decision. Perhaps a little tea money?

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Thirty pages? It could only be a list (double-sided) of everyone on the take, who he's threatening to expose if he doesn't get his job back. 

It's how Xi did it!

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Now he is out he should stay out. But we all know he is a total snake and will slither his way back into PM position whether that be via bribes or threats. I really hope that isnt the case though. Thailand needs new leadership. Leadership that has been voted in by the people. Not someone who forced their way into power.

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