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News Forum - Elephant invades home and steals fermented fish in eastern Thailand


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An elephant with no respect for the law smashed its way into a home in Prachin Buri province at 4.40am today and helped itself to fermented fish and other food items before fleeing into the jungle. The owner of the one-storey house, Pranee Saicharoen, says she was woken up by a loud bang in the middle of the night. Pranee opened her eyes to see an elephant’s trunk poking in through a giant hole in the smashed wall, feeling its way around the kitchen for food. Pranee said she was terrified so she jumped out of the window and called […]

The story Elephant invades home and steals fermented fish in eastern Thailand as seen on Thaiger News.

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12 minutes ago, cowslip said:

the trouble is that encroachment and human interference with elephants means that they extend their search for food

They can come calling at my house for all the smelly fish and bpla ra they can eat! 🤣

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Elephant eating fermented fish? Elephant eating rice......these looks like some kind of stories to me. Elephants are herbivorous. The only feed or vegetations. They don't feed on fish and further more fermented fish and rice. May be the elephant wanted to have feast of fermented fish fired rice for dinner. If that is the intention, then next would be all the 7-eleven outlets as they are selling packets of fermented fish fried rice. May be need to protect the microwave oven as it also might be taken away by the elephant.....ha..ha...ha

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in my understanding the elephants are vegetarians, how come they start eating " fermented fish" !

is the fermented fish provides an level of alcholol, which elephants relish ?

Are they turning from Herbivores to carnivores?


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This has a lot of similarities with a story a few months back.


There is of course that this was a captive elephant that had been illegally release during Covid when the owner was unable to look after it.


the problem with releasing captive elephants is that thy do not have the social and survival skills of wild elephants and are not so scared of humans.


Assuming of course the people haven't built there house in an elephant reserve.



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