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Test Needed To Enter Vachira Hospital?


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Due to the lack of an x-ray machine at a highly touted orthopedist's clinic I've been told I must attend the Vachira for a simple x-ray. It has just occurred to me they may not allow entry unless I have one. Anyone can confirm needed/not needed? Thank you.

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In worst case an ATK, but unless they have to operate something, I am certain, there is no test needed.

The hospitals didn't ask for it, during the waves. Or better, people had to ask for one, in case they needed/wanted one.

Just mask up. An expect a "little "waiting time. 

Honestly, I would go to a private hospital. 

Check Dibuk, perhaps: they running cheap promotions, at time.  Combine it with a heath check? ;-)

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I had a break operated on at the Vachira a couple of years back so aware of the waiting times. However, I'd expected this clinic in Patong specialising in orthopedics to have one. But was made an appointment at the Vachira for an x-ray there, if you have an appointment with a specific doctor, no wait time. But then the 'test' thing just hit me. I'm not having any more surgery, ever, but just need to know the actual cause of the pain so I can deal. Btw, I was told IF further surgery was required, the price given would be the same as the Bangkok Hospital 'because the farang don't pay their bills and they've had to up the price'. And this from a 'farang' doctor. Laughable.

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