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News Forum - TAT and AirBnB are working together for digital nomads


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To attract remote workers, or digital nomads, Airbnb is collaborating with the Tourism Authority of Thailand on a number of projects, including the creation of a special Thailand hub that will feature the best long-term rental properties in the country as well as important details about entry requirements and current visa regulations. Airbnb will also collaborate with TAT on educational campaigns encouraging responsible hospitality and working remotely while travelling. Later this year, a centre specifically for Thailand is scheduled to open. The online booking brand opened its “Live and Work Anywhere” project earlier this year to select some of the […]

The story TAT and AirBnB are working together for digital nomads as seen on Thaiger News.

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What is missing in this article is a definition of a "digital nomad".

Do people coming for a month are qualified as "digital nomads"?

If not, how long the stay period should be?

Staying for a month is very different from staying for a year.

Without a clear definition of a "digital nomad" it is impossible to develop a reasonable strategy of attracting these people.

1. Let's say that people coming for a month qualify. Then Airbnb role is very sufficient while visa issues are not.

2. But if they would like to attract people for a longer period, let's say a year or more, then visa issues become crucial. People would not like to put up with shady visa schemes, it would be a big demotivator for them. So, the priority would be making the obtaining a long stay visa easy and affordable.

Since I see no details like that in the article, I make a conclusion that no one has thought the idea through and it is just some wishful thinking at the moment.

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The best policy for any digital nomad is to just keep your mouth shut imo.  If anyone asks just say you are travelling.  If they ask how you earn a living say you live off investments or are a trust fund baby.

Even if they offer a digital nomad visa with few strings attached I would never get it because then you are on their radar if they decide to change the rules.

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