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News Forum - What makes Chiang Mai one of the best destinations to live in (2022)


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Chiang Mai has always been a popular place to live among expats, digital nomads, and retirees – and it’s easy to see why. Often called Thailand’s “Capital of the North,” the city is full of magic and wonder. With its relaxed atmosphere, gleaming temples, fascinating culture, lush green surroundings, and international restaurants, it has something to offer everyone. Living in Chiang Mai provides you with the perfect mix of fantastic traditional Thai culture and modern convenience.  If you’ve been thinking about living in Chiang Mai, but still aren’t sure if it’s a great idea, here are some of the reasons […]

The story What makes Chiang Mai one of the best destinations to live in (2022) as seen on Thaiger News.

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BBQ season in Chiang Mai can't be beat.  Who doesn't look forward to smokey season when the delightful scents and aromas of Thai seasoning and spices waft through the March, April air as Thais join in to burn  the land. The song of the  farmers and children as they join in unison to sing 'burn baby burn' are both uplifting and moving. One cannot help but cry with joy  as the smoke swirls about.

 The symphony of sounds from the screams of land animals and jungle creatures as they are burnt alive are seen by some to  impart special powers of vitality and longevity as they are absorbed. The runoff of cinders and debris into the water table is seen by others as a protective act as the runoff kills off so many creatures who compete with the landusers. There is something for everyone in delightful Chiang Mai.

BBQ season is the best time to visit Chiang Mai too since the smoke will  block the sun and one can  be free of the ill effects of it. No need for sunglasses either. Best of all, if one is a late sleeper, the birds won't be singing as they will have been killed off or forced to go elsewhere by the beneficial smoke. And for the party goer, the  fancier of the young flesh, BBQ season in Chiang Mai  drives off the elderly and the infirm so that only the young and beautiful remain, the smoke is like a non sexy people repellent. Even better is that if one is annoyed by perfumes and  fancy scents, the magic of the burn gives a smoke scent that dominates and permeates every nook and cranny such that all  are equal and only the scent of the cinders is there.

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I just was in CM


The biggest attraction to Chiang Mai for me, and I felt it the 1st time I ever visited there........


You aren't really treated anymore special............you blend in more


I like to call it "no fake ass kissing" that Thailand is famous for


Not a big farang ghetto, most times when out, it's a good mix of farang and Thais or all Thais

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