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News Forum - Cannabis for the confused, stoned or curious in Thailand I Lawyers, Guns and Money


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https://youtu.be/GdLz6_ayFgA   Speaking to lawyer Dr. Paul Crozier from Silk Legal in Bangkok. Thailand’s new laws regarding the decriminalisation and legalising of cannabis and marijuana products is not clear, despite some people believing it is. The Thai government has not enacted laws and guidelines about the use of cannabis or marijuana, medicinally or recreationally. Dr. Paul Crozier discusses some of the confusion with Tim Newton. (As of June 24, 2022, there is still no legislation tabled in the Thai parliament in relation to the country’s new laws regarding cannabis and marijuana cultivation or consumption).

The story Cannabis for the confused, stoned or curious in Thailand I Lawyers, Guns and Money as seen on Thaiger News.

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How can anyone still be jailed, if they released every non violent weed user, wiped the slate, cancelled upcoming court cases and even returned seized recreational weed! 

Either all that is fake news, or it's now going to be illegal like sex work is illegal. 

In other words, rec use mostly ignored, unless some police boss has an axe to grind on world cannabis day, a vendetta, or someone keeps forgetting to pay the piper.

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Story doesn't look accurate to me.  They have in fact enacted laws and published them in the royal gazette, which makes it official.


None of the laws make recreational use legal, but it's no longer considered a category 5 drug, so max penalties are much lower. 

Where things get a bit hazy is the fact they legalized growing cannabis at home.   They don't specifically say that home grown cannabis flower must be under 0.2% THC, only extracts, so as far as I can tell, growing your own weed at home and smoking it at home is perfectly legal, including high THC weed.

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