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News Forum - From Pattaya with Love, or How To Win Friends and Taser People!


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A training session held last week on Wednesday, June 22, on Jomtien Beach has convinced anyone that public relations is not a strong characteristic in the ranks of the Pattaya Police. Thanks to Adam and The Pattaya News for the video and pics. The display was an apparent demonstration on the skills of Pattaya police to be able to handle a rogue foreigner with a knife. Just out of the blocks, they would be well directed at checking the number of rogue Thais with knives before getting too worried about offenders from overseas. But this time it was a foreign […]

The story From Pattaya with Love, or How To Win Friends and Taser People! as seen on Thaiger News.

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If members haven't seen the video, you have to look; it is HILARIOUS!

Rather than subduing a drunk and dangerous foreigner, it looks like they are practicing for subduing a drugged-up Catfish in the shallow bayou.

Just when you think the BIB can't hit new lows...


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Lucky he didn’t run away or the cops would have had to go back to their pickups to give chase. Less than a professional effort. 

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There you go never threaten people with a knife the Plod will be you like a ton of Bricks Lego bricks. This is how we handle idiots waving a knife about in London.



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