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News Forum - Breaking the glass ceiling: Thai hotels push for gender equality at women’s hospitality event


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As a study reveals that 90% of general managers in Thai hotels are men, an important event in Phuket aims to understand why women still encounter barriers to career progression. Gender equality is high on the agenda for Thai hotels as a hospitality event held recently in Phuket addressed the imbalance in the industry in leadership positions for highly qualified female executives. Hosted at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, “Mind The Gap” gathered more than 100 industry delegates to address the challenges faced by female hoteliers in Thailand. While most hotel groups have broad policies in place to ensure inclusivity and […]

The story Breaking the glass ceiling: Thai hotels push for gender equality at women’s hospitality event as seen on Thaiger News.

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The popular delusions of this world are so, so tiresome. The way that the lies and confused misconceptions are poured on us endlessly by mass media is like water torture that actually makes us sick.

For the millionth time: there is absolutely no reason to expect equality of outcome in any certain field because men and women act differently. Please, read that again: there is no reason to expect equality between the things you are comparing. Yet you compare them, and, finding that they are not equal, insist that there is some problem.

Men make up somewhere over 90% of the prison population in the US. Why isn't it half men, half women? Why are most homeless people men? Why are most mentally ill people men? Why are most sanitation workers ("binmen") men? Why are upwards of 90% of the people killed on the job men? Isn't there something wrong with all of that? Don't you want to find out what's wrong with those things that's making them not exactly equal between men and women? No? Why not?

Please... stop dumping toxic waste on your fellow humans. You are making people sick.

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