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News Forum - Tourists stuck in cable car for hours climb down by rope in India


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Tourists trapped inside 2 cable cars at a mountain range in India were horrified when both cable cars suddenly stopped 1300 feet above the ground on Monday. After being stuck in the air for hours, some of the tourists opted to lower themselves to safety by rope. A total of 15 sightseers, 11 in 1 cable car and 4 in another, were stuck swaying over the Shivalak mountains for more than 1.5 hours when some chose to climb out and lower themselves down thousands of feet by rope. However, some children and elderly tourists were either unable or not prepared […]

The story Tourists stuck in cable car for hours climb down by rope in India as seen on Thaiger News.

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27 minutes ago, Nivram said:

Wow, that takes courage.

It wasn't 1300ft. Where is Thaiger getting these numbers?


"Parwanoo Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Pranav Chauhan told PTI that the cable car carrying the eleven tourists had stuck at a height of around 200-250 feet near a mountain peak.

“That is why much difficulty was not faced in rescuing the passengers by sending them to the ground, one at a time, after tying a rope around each of them. A rescue cable car was deployed to get the people out,” he added."

https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/himachal/4-tourists-stuck-in-cable-car-at-timber-trail-resorts-in-himachals-parwanoo-405469 ) 


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2 hours ago, Nivram said:

Does that video look like the person was only 200 to 250 feet off the ground.

If you watch it to the end: yes, it does!

Here a different perspective, so you don't need to follow my picture link: 


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