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1 hour ago, Benroon said:

If you think you can buy something from me and make a profit it immediately has a value.

Doesn’t the opposite then apply too? Once there is no demand it looses all its value? Hence the fact it has no intrinsic value? 

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7 hours ago, Benroon said:

hmmmm from Mr Intolerant himself that believes people should only be allowed to enter a loving relationship if it confers to your boundaries yes ? I'll accept your manners challenge if you take up tolerance. I can confirm when I meet people that wish to suppress others happiness, I absolutely talk the same.

Your 'friend' - what's the name of his company ? Presumably he's bigger than Goldman Sachs ? who have a significant bitcoin holding - does he own Tesla ? maybe Ruffer a major UK investment house that has half a billion in it ? So what's his companies name please ? 

Now you're mocking me because I've suggested that you might be incorrect. Aren't you capable of having a polite conversation?

It should be plainly obvious to you why I can't disclose the personal or business details here of someone who confided confidential information. A broker would never advertise that only 5% of customers come out ahead of where they started.

Suffice to say the case I'm referring to is an Australian retail derivatives broker. There are lots of them, and they offer forex and crypto derivatives trading to the general public. Most people who trade derivatives or any other highly leveraged asset lose through chasing losses and taking profits too early. 95% of them do. Most retail investors don't have sufficient capital to ride out volatility in their leveraged positions, and their impulses get the better of them. 

What kind of car do you drive? Do you own a brokerage, making you upset by what I'm saying?

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