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Taxi Drivers at BKk Asking for extra money for luggage


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Today Monday 20th June 

I and my girlfriend came back from Kho Samui to Bkk .

We went to the taxi stand and printed out the ticket for the taxi line number 38 and went to that driver (We understand the 50bht surcharge rule) Drivers where saying we had to pay more for the taxi ride because we had 2 pieces of luggage between us 

Hers was a 7kg hand luggage case and mine was the next size up around 20kg max carrying case 

They said that the had official letters allowing then to charge the extra 

I protested and had a arguments with them over this and said I'm not willing to pay this extra charge for the bags 

They eventually back down over this and took us home to are apartment at laksi not far from Don mueang airport 

The Driver spoke quite good English and I explained to him that if your after tourist back you need to stop this under active tactics as your just going to destroy what tourist you have 

There are many more southeast County's opening up everyday to tourist and they can just as easy turn there back on Thailand 🇹🇭 and spend there money else where .

Maybe I'm wrong but sure feels like they don't care 

Choccy UK 🇬🇧 Bound 

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Did you keep the receipt the machine gives you at the Taxi stand?


It does say something on there about drivers charging more for extra/heavier luggage, but I'm not sure what you had would have been over that amount (I think it may have said larger suitcases over 20KG get charged more).

Maybe he was indeed trying a quick con on you, assuming he wasn't confused by the rules himself.

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Afaik, one piece of trunk luggage plus a "handbag" (carry on) is what they have to transport. 

Per person.

I would have asked him to show me the official letter. Often that changes there minds already.  If not, I would have taken a picture and "ask" google to translate that for me. Plus a picture of the driver and the taxi registration number will often do the trick to. Aside that all this is a tips killer!

It becomes even more stupid, in case they can't put 2 or 3 resonable sized bags in the trunk, because there is the LNG tank in it. "Have to charge you, too much/big luggage, you see? I have to put on front seat"


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If you have to reasonable sized under 20 kg bags then if driver assists loading/unloading you should give a small tip.

So if he is charging to transport suitcase you point and taxi will load bags.  When at destination taxi will unload bags. NO Tip if you pay fee.

Ask driver if he picks up customer at Makro, Lotus, etc does he weigh and measure the bags and charge a fee?

Stay calm, respectful, and ask what fee total is and what your expectations of the taxi are.  Inform taxi since there are fees you will Not Tip.   The problem will solve itself.

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