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News Forum - Phuket officials hold job fair, wanting to solve unemployment problems


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A job fair in Phuket yesterday featured over 30 employers receiving applications from hopeful searchers. Phuket’s Vice Governor Pichet, who facilitated the event’s opening, noted that “There is a lot of interest in applying for a job”. The fair advertised 1,000 vacancies. It was held at the Central Festival Phuket, in the main city district. Pichet added that the fair allowed interviews and career counseling to be conducted on the site, which helped make the application process easier. He said the fair would help both job seekers, and businesses that were suffering labour shortages. “This is especially important in Phuket, […]

The story Phuket officials hold job fair, wanting to solve unemployment problems as seen on Thaiger News.

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Great-should happen in every region in Thailand.

Current regional system relying on word of mouth, facebook and google are very much hit and miss and usually only for day labour.

Alternative for a permanent job, aside from word of mouth, is for the person to basically door knock anything and everything if the want a full time job not with the Government. 

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What a load of bollocks these people spout!

When I first came to Phuket, there was no tourism. There was no road over the mountain to Patong from the airport etc.

The only work on this Island came mainly from fishing, rubber and tin mining, and the locals were piss poor!

Then with the demise  of tin mining and the rubber plantations not being as good as it was, that left fishing.

What filled the void, tourists?!

With tourist came a shit load of money, cheap and cheerful tourists, not this bollocks of wealthy tourists either. In turn this created a service sector industry. Bars, hotels, guest houses, launderies, tailors, massage shops, restaurants etc, etc, etc. 

All this was created from nothing, except a demand for it, and a will to provide it. Arguably, the demand for it still exists, not so sure about the will to provide it.

Forget about all this first world crap. This is a third world country and as such should be cheap. Let's all be truthful, that's why we originally came, and continued to come until Covid.

It's not f.....g rocket science!

Drop the Thailand Pass and every other restriction, encourage tourists don't deter them. Treat the retirees with greatful thanks, as they spend everyday all year round in local businesses.  Make it easier for them. That will help create jobs!

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