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News Forum - AirAsia launched a “super-app” to compete with the likes of Grab


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The popular low-cost Malaysian airline, AirAsia, debuted its “super app” today, which provides a variety of services ranging from car rides similar to Grab, and Bolt, to flight reservations and food ordering, in an already booming industry. There are currently 3,000 registered drivers in the metropolis, with ambitions to recruit more as tourism is slowly picking up. AirAsia is tackling the Bangkok market first before expanding its wings into tourist hotspots like Chiang Mai and Phuket, with the aim of gaining more attention from international visitors. AirAsia Super App: Fly & Ride application is now available for download. “It won’t […]

The story AirAsia launched a “super-app” to compete with the likes of Grab as seen on Thaiger News.

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This type of  news repeatedly makes me conjure up images of a not so distant possibility/probability that store front retail business will be eliminated, Malls abandoned, employment existent in minimal scope and role, streets devoid of people but crammed  with  ever so sensible AI controlled vehicles rushing in competition  to deliver orders to an elite wealth accredited minority from comprehensive fully robotized production units including synthesized nutritionally acclaimed edibles while electronically subduing the starving  majority in the  shadows from hijacking whatever might  prolong a gfragile existence identical to  that of  soi dogs of today  but all well digested to extinction in the future. A Frenzy .......of  dehumanized activity ! Read the above  in and  of same sense. I would be happy to debate ( without aggression !!!)

Perhaps an ulterior motive in  is the  formation of a script ?🙂


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