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News Forum - Happy Coup Day Thailand – 8 year anniversary of the 2014 military coup – OPINION


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Yes, it was today, 8 years ago, today, when the elected PM Yingluck Shinawatra and her Pheu Thai government was unceremoniously dumped in yet another Thai military coup. The Thai army, under the pleasant name of the National Council for Peace and Order, argued that they had to seize power from the elected government to break a legal and political impasse. Whether it was an actual “legal and political impasse” or not is for Thai political scholars to debate. Since 1932, when Siam changed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, there has been 20 charters, interim charters and […]

The story Happy Coup Day Thailand – 8 year anniversary of the 2014 military coup – OPINION as seen on Thaiger News.

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Not allowed to talk about the forces that be that pull the strings of this gvt.

But coups in the past 30 years have also come as little surprise to Thais, who, whilst being weary of the cycle, usually accept the situation and get on with their lives”.


I dont agree with that statement!

what alternative do they have! Do what your told or else , comes to mind.

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Eight years of thuggery, corruption, incompetence and alienation from the future voting population. What an ignominious record. The future will be not much different because of the snake pit that is Thai politics. But the younger better educated, slightly, Thai people are very disenchanted whereas their parents are fatalists. In the near term any dissent will be shut down forcefully but this will only strengthen the resolve of those demanding an end to the current political pantomime. Strap in for a bumpy ride!

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