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News Forum - Thailand targets Europe’s big guns to boost tourism as lockdown rules out China


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With China still under lockdown measures and showing no signs of opening up any time soon Thailand is focusing on the big spenders of Europe and India to boost tourism and its ailing economy. China was Thailand’s biggest source of tourists in the pre-Covid-19 era but with 40 cities still under lockdown it is unlikely the country will see any Chinese visitors this year. This is an obvious blow to the Thai economy but all is not lost. The Thailand tourism industry will look to the UK, Germany, and India to turn around the nation’s flagging economic. “Before the pandemic, […]

The story Thailand targets Europe’s big guns to boost tourism as lockdown rules out China as seen on Thaiger News.

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Ahhh so now these 3 countries are "hansum man" target.   Inflation is ravaging UK and German people are starting to worry about war next door, so I don't think people will have the money to spend that Thais think they will have. India also is having economic problems with inflation.  I think many of the midmarket tourists who may have once considered Thailand for holiday will not have the money to do so in the next 1-2 years.

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Thailand's economy was already going south before Covid started even with the millions of Chinese tourists that were coming. Now they are predicting 7 million more tourists in the next 3 years without the Chinese coming??

Looking at the root reasons Thailand is loosing tourists to neighbouring countries, mafia run Taxi Services, Jet Ski scammers, Real Estate fraud, Social Media restrictions on negative reviews of businesses, Police stopping and fining Only farangs at Police Stops, dual pricing  to name but a few need to be stopped as these things are happening daily and are well published in other countries media outlets. 

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6 minutes ago, divingwithmickey said:

Police stopping and fining Only farangs at Police Stops,

I only ever see Thais being stopped at road blocks,  with farangs waved through. I haven't been stopped here in the last 20 years  The only exceptions to that appear to be farangs not wearing helmets on motor bikes and they deserve to get stopped and fined. 

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That had better end the mask mandate if they want any kind of real uptick in tourism. No one wants to go on holiday and wear a mask

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I am wondering why Canada USA or Australia was not listed 

and yes only the wealthy are the majority traveling because inflation is every where 

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What exactly are they doing to Target Europeans? Can anyone list any initiatives aimed at that market? Are we getting 45 days on arrival still? What about Covid insurance waiver? No? What then? 

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