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Any recommendation on Thai lawyer for assets arrangement between an international marriage?


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Hi there, I'm new here.  I know this forum for long time but it's the first time to post here, asking for recommendation for my poor friend.

My friend married with a Thai guy for many years and now have 2 children (both 10+ years old).  They knew each other in New York and moved back to Thailand around 10 years ago.  At that time, coz my friend was earning quite a good money (she's in investment industry) more than to cover the whole family's living cost, they decided that my friend kept working and the Thai guy could be full-time dad.  My friend thus bought a private villa together with 2 cars  in Thailand.  But she doesn't have much ideas about the Thai asset ownership regulations, nor she has too many time to research the laws (new mom for 2 kids), also she's in full trust on that man, so they put all these assets under that man's name when that man told her "foreigners can't own any asset in Thailand".

All these years they went through a peaceful life only except her investment business dropped down a lot due to the covid situation, and that man have a serious liver problem by having too much alcohol.  Last month, that man was sent to ICU and stay in ICU till today, unconscious, not able to do anything as doctor stated in medical certificate.  Even more, the doctor said he could be passed away in anytime.  This man hasn't ever set a will.  Now all the loans, bills, medical bills, children tuition fees, etc. go to my friend.  She want to sell the house and cars to get through this tough time, but her name is not on the ownership book of house and cars.  More, the man's dad and step-brother is asking for sharing the assets too.

Come to the point of this post, we need a Thai lawyer who's expertise in international marriage and asset arrangement.  I come to this forum to ask for such recommendation.  if you knows anyone who is very strong on this aspect, please kindly advise.  Really appreciated!

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