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News Forum - Department of Health warns public that “Bullfrog Shots” might contain parasites


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“Bullfrog shots” have become a new popular item on the menu around Thailand after going viral on Thai social media. The “shot” is comprised of a cooked bullfrog, spicy sauce, and dried chillis for garnish (but doesn’t contain alcohol). After the dish gained popularity, the Department of Health issued a warning that bullfrog shots could contain parasites and that anyone making them should ensure the bullfrog is cooked properly before eating. The bullfrog shot is an amphibious spinoff of the “squid shot” that exploded on Thai social media several months ago and began to be served in seafood restaurants across […]

The story Department of Health warns public that “Bullfrog Shots” might contain parasites as seen on Thaiger News.

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When compared to "Sticky" and "Shot"....In Thailand "Shot" always supersede sticky. It is always "Shot" first followed by "Sticky"

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I thought they were referring to the green mixed cocktail "Bullfrog", popular when I was tripping around Philippines in the late 80s.   That was actually good, and strong enough to kill any stray parasites swimming around in the crushed ice.

This, however, feels like immature stupidity from the dumbest Buffalo students at the back of the classroom trying to "gross out" the girls like they did when they were 7 years old.   What's next, the "Fart Shot"?  How about another copy-cat hamburger, 1/2 a kilo heavier and 1 meter higher than the last one.   So Ah-Maaaaazing😴

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