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News Forum - TAT says Thailand still on track to welcome 20 million tourists next year


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The governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand says he remains hopeful that 20 million holidaymakers will travel to Thailand next year. Yuthasak Supasorn says this will almost certainly be possible if China lifts its border restrictions by then. He adds that he expects tourism revenue to reach 80% of its 2019 level during 2023. “The industry next year is poised to strengthen from this year, making the goal of attracting 20 million tourists, half the total in 2019, achievable. This is particularly the case if China, which previously contributed one-third of arrivals, lifts border controls by that time.” Earlier […]

The story TAT says Thailand still on track to welcome 20 million tourists next year as seen on Thaiger News.

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2 hours ago, Thaiger said:

Yuthasak Supasorn says this will almost certainly be possible

Yes, almost certainly

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I love the math. Could welcome 500,000 tourists this month even the the beginning of the month welcome 15,000 at its peak, now back to the trend of 12,000 per day or less and total ThaiPass registrations of around 200,000 under the new scheme. 

And they’re not clear whether the 15,000 were total arrivals or tourist arrivals. 

Somehow this government doesn’t seem to understand that most tourist trips to Thailand are planned months in advance. 

If they really wanted to see numbers jump, they need to eliminate all business opening restrictions and ditch all outdoor masking. 

Despite the histrionics, Infection numbers went down after Songkran (not up) showing that they have no clue about what causes transmission much less how to stop it. 

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I see that the TAT have put new batteries into the old broken calculator.

There is no chance of these kind of numbers,  even if they scrap the Thailand Pass, drop all restrictions on masks and open up all the entertainment venues.

The Chinese are not coming for the foreseeable future, neither are the Russians, even when the war is over.

Europe is going into an economic turbulent period as a result of Russian/Ukraine war and inflation is raising its ugly head making people re-prioritise how they spend their money. Factor in exchange rates, over pricing in Thailand and its not the draw it once was.

There are absolutely no incentives from the TAT or any other government agency that I am aware of to encourage international travel. No promotions, nothing! For example, during covid, Malta paid tourists to go to Malta effectively.

All we get from the Thai government is, we will delay the 300 baht tourist tax. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Don't forget, they need to go a long way to rebuild tourists confidence!

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So they are admitting than that 2023 numbers will still be 50% off of pre-covid levels. Probably about right

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So the trend in the first few days of May is downwards and yet TAT think it’s upwards. What an odd bunch they must be! 
To help, I’ve attached two graphs. Can you determine which is a downward trending graph and which is upward trending? 



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