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News Forum - BTS urges passengers not to cross their legs while sitting


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Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain asked for cooperation from the passengers to avoid crossing their legs while sitting on the train during a rush hour to avoid annoying people… Yesterday, the official Facebook page รถไฟฟ้าบีทีเอส (BTS Skytrain) published a post saying, “We ask for your cooperation, please do not cross your legs while sitting on the skytrain. Admin would like to ask for cooperation from all passengers to avoid crossing thier legs while sitting, especially when the trains are crowded. The legs might accidentally annoy other passengers standing in front of you.” Tons of comments from Thai netizens suggested that the company […]

The story BTS urges passengers not to cross their legs while sitting as seen on Thaiger News.

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Having used BTS, some of the people crossing their legs are flip flop wearers who have really dirty feet. Others have their feet touching others. In Thailand touching people with your feet is offensive.

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They act like it's something new that people have feet, Jesus Christ, talking about making a problem out of nothing..

Why don't they prohibit people using their phones as well? When they hold up their phone in front of them, they take up unnecessary much space.

And please ban overweight people from traveling during rush hour, they often sweat excessively, which is very unpleasant for normal weight passengers. 



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"Others commented about other things that annoy them on the BTS, such as people cutting in line, leaning on the poles, listening to music too loudly and sitting over two seats." 

First of all, if you are annoyed by a person crossing their legs, just take 1 step aside, problem solved. 

Leaning on the poles... Just ask politely or 'accidentally' bump into them to make them know they are in the way. 

Listening to music too loudly literally never happened not even once in 7 years I used to take the BTS or MRT. 

Who the fck sits on 2 seats. That can't be comfortable. 

People cutting in line seems to be the only complaint I would have. The others seem to be just complaints because you want to complain and have nothing better to do. 

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