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News Forum - Photographer beaten by ‘royalists’ near Democracy Monument


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A photographer called Nattaphon, who works for a media agency, is still waiting for justice after being allegedly attacked by a group of ultra royalists near the Democracy Monument last week. He suffered bruises on his back, neck and upper arms. Just after he finished working and was packing up, he noticed a man wearing a long sleeve shirt and a ponytail approaching him. The unidentified man walked up to him and asked if he “had any problems” and “why was he looking at him”. He asked for his phone and questioned if he was a journalist, which he denied, […]

The story Photographer beaten by ‘royalists’ near Democracy Monument as seen on Thaiger News.

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Political problems have been getting more violent since I was young. Sports fans have gotten very violent too. If you don’t belong to their party. Then you are labeled as the enemy. Cult’s are the same, if you don’t believe you are branded as someone that cult members need to avoid. When will civil talk and good debates return. Everyone has a different opinion. But you should not ever name call or attack another person who doesn’t belong to your political beliefs. Freedom is not free and it’s something that you have to protect. Even if the other person has different thoughts then you should protect their rights to believe however and they can disagree with you. But you shut their freedom out and then you have lost your freedom.  I don’t know what the answer is for ending the violence. But I do know that our news media has a lot involvement because when they decide who is good and bad and they don’t report news fairly. People are not getting the facts but someone’s opinion and the news media is trying to choose which political party is the best. Allow the truth be reported and then the people can make their own decisions. Our society will not survive if we continue with our current ways of destroying each other 

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