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News Forum - Surging violence at Al Aqsa mosque, Israel and Palestine


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A new round of violence has broken out between Palestinians and the Israeli forces. Witnesses say this morning, young Palestinians threw rocks at Israeli police stationed at a gate outside the Al Aqsa mosque compound. The mosque is a sensitive spot between Israelis and Palestinians due to religious tensions. After the Palestinians threw rocks, the police, dressed in full riot gear, entered the compound, firing bullets and stun grenades. The two Palestinian witnesses who told the Associated Press that Palestinians threw stones asked to remain anonymous for their safety. Some older Palestinians reportedly tried to tell the youth to stop throwing rocks, […]

The story Surging violence at Al Aqsa mosque, Israel and Palestine as seen on Thaiger News.

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This article is yellow journalism at its finest.  Most egregiously, this article intentionally leaves out the word "rubber" when it claims that police "entered the compound, firing bullets."  The original article being quoted says "rubber bullets".  That's not an honest mistake.  That's intentionally trying to mislead the reader as to what happened.  What an embarrassingly obvious and amateurish smear attempt.  

The entire article is in the same vein.  "[V]iolence has broken out"?  No, Palestinians attacked police.  "A tree caught fire"?  No, Palestinians intentionally or accidentally set fire to the tree while hurling "fireworks" at police.  "Fireworks" my ass, or do you think they're throwing ladyfingers at the cops or entertaining them with Roman candles?  This all occurs as Palestinians attempt to kill random civilians by shooting rockets into population centers.

This is an editorial, a childishly simplistic one at that, and should be reported as such and not grouped with news.  

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