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News Forum - Japanese TikToker apologises for bizarre dancing spree, unruly behavior on BTS


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A Japanese woman has caused a stir on Thai social media, after she posted TikTok videos under the username “Shizu0405fc3” of herself dancing without a face mask on, as well as spraying water at strangers and a security guard, while riding the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok. Thai netizens were annoyed and angered by the woman’s seemingly uncivilised antics in the name of shameless self-promotion on social media. She has since publicly apologised for her actions on TikTok in a few languages, including Thai. “I apologize for splashing water and not wearing a mask on the train.” It all started on […]

The story Japanese TikToker apologises for bizarre dancing spree, unruly behavior on BTS as seen on Thaiger News.

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What to do...sometimes being single is boring and need to create some attention seeking action for short stint publicity.....

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I bet that NewYork subway passengers are wanting to come to Thailand now, if they read this topic.🤣 I mean we have sexy chicks dancing on the train and Thai's get annoyed?🤪

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1 hour ago, piyanat said:

How about 1 week jail and cash punishment??? 

 .. apologies is not enough for this stupid!! 

Cope. Be thankful she's not apologising for tossing a smoke grenade and shooting bullets at passengers and security guards. 😘

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And another thing, or three:

1.Covid is here forever. 2.Most people recover.

3.Masks are redundant after vaccines.

4. No vaccine? Wear a mask like we all did when it began. Simple.

I support her protest, it's all about control now, in the past I supported masks, no more!


Plus she's got bigger balls than some whiners on here, and definitely cuter too.


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EXCUSE ME. i want to tell this but this wonan herself was saying she was zainichi korean, it is people who has korean citizenship And staying in japan with permanent viza

and Zainichi Korean is always doing anti japan statement over and over again . Her mother is japanese but her father is korean and her citizenship is korean. 

Also she was telling always hate speach of japanese at the past. So she is totally not a normal japanese mentality .  Zainich Korean and ordinary japanese has different mind set. So stop duscribe her as japanese tiktokr. This is so irritating and stressful for many Japanese .

Zainich Korean is basically always anti japan and act totally different of other originally japanese  

Reminder about it pls seriously 

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