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hello...  i have been searching everywhere,sent many questions to different sites and still no answer,,,so hopefully this is the place.

i am due to come to phuket on the 27th april...on the 14th i tested positive to covid...here in nsw australia all we have to do is 7 day quarantine then if no symptoms free to carry on as normal....now with coming to thailand as you are aware i need to do a pcr test on arrival....i do intend to do one here when i come out of iso and if negative still intend to travel ( if positive will not travel)....however i have read articles of people testing negative before departure but positive on arrival.....and i have also read if you have had covid, a pcr test can show positive weeks even months after you first tested positive. so my question is   is there a document i can provide to show that i am clear of symptoms even though pcr test is positive and that would exclude me from further nights of quarantine....i will have with me a copy of my negative pcr from australia...im just trying to cover all bases before making  the final decision to fly


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I am aware that you can get the following certificate in NSW. But concerned it may only be for use in NSW.


Perhaps consider that as extra evidence to carry. It was me, I would even get it translated into Thai and bring the original and the Thai translation with me as a courtesy. But I can be a bit pedantic in things like that. 😀

Whether anything like that would help you in the case of a positive PCR test on arrival, I don't know, and will leave that to other members to comment on.

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thank you for your input

yesterday i sent an email to the thai consulate here in sydney explaining my situation...and their response was


"Dear Adrian,
You need to carry a medical certificate to show that you have been fully recovered from Covid. The Thai health authorities would ask for the paper if your result is still positive".


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