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News Forum - Applying or renewing your visa in Thailand made easy with TMT Visa Services Phuket


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Press Release  When it comes to moving to Thailand, whether it is for retirement, to study, or just for relocation, everyone knows that the most stressful part is getting your visa sorted and cleared. Whether you are new to Thailand or already in Thailand, it’s one of the most important things to look after – ensuring you have the right type of documents to apply for the correct type of visa for your stay in Thailand. So how do you get rid of this headache? You can’t. But, you can lessen the stress by understanding the different types of visas […]

The story Applying or renewing your visa in Thailand made easy with TMT Visa Services Phuket as seen on Thaiger News.

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TMT recommended by members.

Visited TMT in Patong last week for first time in- country Retirement Visa (12 months only). 22k Every 12 months. Hadn’t heard of this arrangement before, only regular 3+12 deal.One Week process.

Non- Phuket Stamps BUT Phuket Imm. Address Registration for convenient 90 Day Reporting (500 baht/ report)  / Multiple Re-Entry Permit ( 4400 baht includes 600 baht TMT Fee). 

Passport. Bank Book. COR/ Yellow Book required.Photos taken at TMT.

Very Impressive Service (so far) all round.Will apply 5 May. Price very reasonable.

Still unable to get confirmation that this is an O Visa with Immediate Non- Extendable Permission of Stay of 12 Months. Plan to speak to TMT Owner when applying / paying.

Other recommended Agent (Phuket Law Visa) was 50k ( 20k visa/ 30k extension/ paid together) for the regular 15 month deal. 30k for subsequent extensions.

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