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Testing COVID and Numbers?


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How is collecting data administered?


How many people are tested in one day?


If 40,000 are tested and you get 23,000 cases that is pretty bad?

So how is the testing and numbers worked out?

Do they test the same amount of people every day?

Do they just get o 23,000 people everyday do they stop testing at that number?

There is no clear explanation on how when where these tests come from?

Are they consistent everyday?

You need to say or show out of how many people tested did they get the final day tally?

example :

50,000 tested everyday giving 23,000 cases positive ?


Is it let’s just get to around the same figure of positive cases no matter how many are tested?


Do they test 120,000 until they get to 23,000 positive?

it means a lot to get the figure of how many tested to get an accurate idea of how many positive to get a percentage?

as If 46,000 people are tested and you get 23,000 positive that would be 50% of people tested!

That is critical?

So we need to know how they get these figures for accountability?

Whats your comments on this?

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Im more concerned on stopping all testing , domestically and traveling internationally !

I want society to live with it cause as of today the spread will never stop!

It infects people again and again!

The best the world can do is to teach everyone from school age to adults , hygiene, hygiene hygiene! That and taking care of ones weight and eating healthy will have a dramatic effect imop

One other thing if your old,suffering or have pre existing conditions its best to get vaccinated imop

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They just pulled that numbers out of their a** and nowhere, it's impossible to test the same people over and over again everyday and get positive.

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One cannot get test results from a testing site; only an approved laboratory has that information.  There are 525 approved laboratories in Thailand.  Whether they report regularly...who knows, but I would think that the totals we are getting on average are a pretty good indication of the national trend.

Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health. (moph.go.th)

click on bold for the website.

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