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News Forum - Tangmo: 2nd autopsy report finds ’22 small wounds’ on legs


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Forensics experts have found “22 small wounds” on the legs of drowned Thai actress Nida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong, according to the report from a second autopsy, which was conduct several weeks ago at the request of her mother. However, pathologists did not find any face or head wounds, broken teeth or fractured bones, as was suspected. The Justice Ministry’s Central Institute of Forensic Science, or CIFS, disclosed their findings at a press conference yesterday, where they addressed the 11 points of suspicion that the mother had raised, which led her to call for the second report. Pathologists from the institute conducted […]

The story Tangmo: 2nd autopsy report finds ’22 small wounds’ on legs as seen on Thaiger News.

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I'm sure there's a way to determine if person is conscious or unconscious when they enter the water.

It's to do with the amount of water in their stomach or not.  If they were conscious they would struggle, gasp & swallow a large volume of water. This, I think, can also be determined by blood gas analysis, but I'm really not sure.

I tried looking it up, but after reading about drowning for 5 minutes, somewhat lost my appetite for it.

The 22 cuts on her legs & joints is...what's the correct word; strange.

Such a terrible loss of a young life.

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Here's something.




Ventilation and Oxygenation

"Submersion in water results in breath holding usually followed by laryngospasm resulting in hypercapnia and hypoxemia. With increasing hypoxemia, laryngospasm abates, increasing risk of water and gastric contents aspiration [22, 39]. Water aspiration may rapidly result in acute lung injury or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). If so, ventilation/perfusion matching is altered and lung compliance will be low with varying degrees of hypoxemia and hypercapnia."

Anyway, enough, I'm getting depressed.


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The stories by those on the boat don't pass the smell test. 

First they say she went back of the boat to pee, but when it was shown that was impossible given her wearing a body suit, the story changed.

One person said they were holding on to her leg as she urintated, but obviously not true since it has now been changed to she was not urinating but fell out of the boat when the boat driver thrust the engine.

No explanation given for why if she fell out of the boat that the boat did not immediately stop, throw her a docking buoy and retrieve her.  Even more strange is not finding her they chose not to alert any authorities or rescue personnel.

They then throw bottles of wine overboard for reasons unexplained.

One person on board took a picture of a bridge and then deliberately altered on the phone the time the picture was taken.

You now have a burn wound on her chest and 22 small wounds on her legs 

It doesn't say if the burn wound was recent but certainly the the autopsy should be able to determine that.  They also did not elaborate on the 22 small leg wounds.  If it was propeller they should be able to tell that.  If they were knife wounds or punctures then certainly something was happening on that boat that those 5 people are desperately trying to keep the police from knowing. 

When stories change and behaviors are inconsistent with what normal people would do, it suggests that the true events of what happened to Tangmo have not been reported. 

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Old burn or new burn? 22 wounds could be fish or crabs? Some of the people on that boat know what really happened. And no news, or maybe I missed it, on “Robert”’s polygraph test, his drug test or a second polygraph test for all. Be interesting to check the bank accounts of the boat party since that time. This whole affair stinks. 

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Drug test
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    For what ever the reason being, 

from the top down to the bottom, 

once, to put it politely,  a tall tale is let loose, 

it is very diffacult to keep it corralled, it begins to run 

amuck every which way, loosing its accountabiity.....

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