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News Forum - Family in Prachinburi find poisonous centipede in tin of fish


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A family in Prachinburi, east of Bangkok, were put off their dinner on Sunday after opening a tin of fish to find a 2-centimetre long, poisonous centipede. The family never expected that such a creature would be found in the tinned fish, produced by a famous brand. The family, from Si Maha Phot district, ordered two tins of fish from a local convenience store on Sunday. Upon opening the tin and seeing the centipede, the family immediately complained to the manufacturer, who told them to keep the centipede so they could collect it and inspect the specimen. However, the company […]

The story Family in Prachinburi find poisonous centipede in tin of fish as seen on Thaiger News.

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Disgusting. It's not unusual to find bones etc in canned fish, which come with the catch. But a centipede? That means zero QC and unsanitary manufacturing conditions. The brand is not mentioned in the original article either by the way.

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If the click bait article was engineered to illicit shocked outrage reactions, bored old internet farts with no skin in the game, are sure to deliver.  Sheltered ones from dreary Western countries are the most predictable, like pulling the string at the back of a talking doll's head.  

This is Thailand, and as dodgy as things can be here, it's more than fair to say that if you've got a floor drain, there's a reasonable chance a tiny, one-off centipede will find its way in at some point.  There's no automatic correlation between that and overall sanitary conditions. 

Wife keeps our place tidy and clean, yet we've still had a few of these little centipede buggers come up pipe over the years, especially shouldering into the warm, breeding months of the year, as we are now. 

Meantime, shuffle on down to your local talad in your black socks and sandals and get yourselves a nice warm bag of BBQ'ed crickets.  I hear the fried scorpions and bamboo caterpillars are tasty this time of year.  🐛🦗🦂

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Bugs get into the food supply. That's why there's a minimum allowance on bug parts in even the strictest supply chain processing plants in first-world countries.  If this is the first time a tiny arthropod has been found in a can of fish, considering how many millions of cans of fish are sold every year, then I like those odds.

Throw it away and open another one.  

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