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News Forum - Blood and organ harvesting claims by Thai woman in Cambodia was fake


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“A Thai woman alleges organ harvesters in Cambodia drew her blood and were about to cut her open when she was rescued.” Except it didn’t happen. The woman fabricated the entire story. Thairath.co.th yesterday reported that the Thai woman, who had claimed to have been the victim of ‘organ harvesting’ in Sihanoukville, Cambodia had confessed to inventing the whole incident. She told investigating police that she was afraid no one would help her return to Thailand. The investigation, and eventual debunking, of the woman’s claims was covered extensively by the Khmer Times. The Thai woman had claimed that she was originally hired […]

The story Blood and organ harvesting claims by Thai woman in Cambodia was fake as seen on Thaiger News.

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Thank's clearing up this piece of Fake News. I live close to one Chinese Online Gambling Mafia Joint that was closed recently by Cambodian Police. It housed an approx. 300 paid "slaves" of unknown, but certainly asian origin. They knew what they were doing, at least after the first 2 days and continued to do so simply for the money. Sure enough the lazy ones got beaten etc. (i have no proof for that) but most of them stayed in rooms designed for Holiday Makers (max perhaps 4 people but used by more using bunkbeds directly manufactured at site) on their own will. I saw them stepping on their balkony and quickly returned to their room closing curtains and door. The heat in there was only compensated by aircon, (i hope it was switched on) and very unhealthy during the Corona Pandemic. All of this stopped one evening when big trucks and busses arrived, picked up everyone and disappeared in a very short time not to be seen again. In my opinion they simply changed adress not to be seen so easily. They're now spreading throughout the country but local authorities and their new chinese police representants are pretty effective to track them down and arrest/deport or jail them. Most times it also involves illegal drugs.

As an Expat in Cambodia i can only applaud Hun Sen's effectiveness, something missed in many other places.

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Another tales of sordid thai deeds..and we will NEVER know what her punishment was..

Like watching a series in the 80s and then you get the    "to be continued" BS......

A book with no ending---much like the film the Neverending story....did that ever end???

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This story hopefully ends with a conviction of the woman. Cambodia is under a constant battle of false claims about human rights, hosting Chinese Army and whatever comes across. The Elefant is always ready to gobble up this bu....shit and uses it agains the current government here in order to trigger a regime change so it can set up a naval port at Ream Naval Base.

The last info on the subject: https://www.khmertimeskh.com/501044677/thai-woman-face-charges-over-organ-harvesting-claim-proven-to-be-big-fib/


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