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Grab savings around 10,000 baht / month


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Just found this in the grab app, figured I'd make a post about it incase it helps anyone save money, seemed significant enough that it could help.

Long story short I was just in the grab app and saw one of the advertisements on the main page, clicked it and it offered a "grab food mega sale" 100 voucher subscription and a grab unlimited subscription

The grab unlimited subscription gave free delivery up to 20baht discount on delivery fees per order (up to 50 orders/month), the cost was 12 baht for 6 months (I have no clue why it was only 12 baht, maybe it's an entry cost period/beta period). The 100 voucher subscription was a 1000 baht cost but it gave 100 coupons for 50% off up, to 120baht per order, no minimum order.

I thought there was a catch but I have used it for about 2 weeks and haven't seen any hidden fees/catch, other than the vouchers only lasting 4 months (for the 100 coupons) and you have to use grabpay/grab wallet, not cash. That being said you should read the fine print in the app, there was an odd glitch that happened when I first purchased the 100 vouchers which said they weren't valid until April but the next day they didn't say that, I re-read the fine print and it doesn't mention anything about the vouchers only being valid in the future so I am not sure why that happened. 

The savings from these 2 costing 1012 baht would be potentially 

100x 120baht + 50 x 20 baht = 13000 baht, roughly $400 USD

That being said there usually are coupons for around 50-80 baht but not always and they usually have 200-250baht minimum orders fee. As long as one is saving more than the initial 1012 baht fee, you'd still be ahead though. My food bill is probably my biggest expense so this really decreases my overall expenses for the month, all my food is ordered from grab unless I go out. 



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