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News Forum - City Guide:: Top 5 supermarkets to buy groceries in Thailand 2022


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If you’re visiting Thailand or planning to buy or rent an apartment and make the country your permanent home, you’re bound to run out of basic essentials from time to time. Thailand’s numerous grocery store franchises provide everything you need, from kimchi to toilet paper. If you’re not sure which chain best fits your shopping wants and needs, browse our list of some of the most popular supermarkets in the Land of Smiles. Note: Most supermarkets in Thailand offer delivery services, as well as membership rewards or discounts, for customer convenience. Lotus’s (Previously known as Tesco Lotus) After completing a […]

The story City Guide:: Top 5 supermarkets to buy groceries in Thailand 2022 as seen on Thaiger News.

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Makro cheap on some things, but overall find Lotus cheaper on many everyday items.

Big C great for quality meat products (hygeine) and some items (farlung) that Tesco and Makro lack.

Villa I have found to be expensive and seems aimed at the Farung market so you pay. Tops not local.

Tend to rotate and buy bulk one week, items cheap at Makro, next Tesco and so on

Usually located at the opposite ends of town so make it an outing and do other things in the area also.

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There is 1 supermarket in that list that I have pretty much banned due to repeated bad experience.

Experience no.1, I saw this pest hanging around at the food section but couldn't find any workers to complain to as there were no staff many the counter at that time. Proceeded to go to the nearest staff who is located quite far away and a bit reluctant to leave her station and go check out this pest thing. 






Second experience happened in Sept. of 2020. Since having a kid I have started to take more attention to things that could harm a child in their surroundings. I found this and proceeded to complain to them about how unsafe the way these big 20kg dog food sacks are arranged so high on the shelf. Just imagine a kid running around knocking the shelf and have one of these 20kg sacks fall down on them. 

Luckily a few weeks later on my visit they have corrected the unsafe arrangement.



Alas my happiness wasn't long lasting, I visited again in Feb. 2021 and this is what I found:



I made a final complain to their management but since then I haven't really step foot in to that particular branch anymore.

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