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[WARNING] - Apparently ThailandPass has suffered a Data Leak:

Lyp14 [ctxa]

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So, back in January when I returned from my Christmas trip in Europe, I had to apply a ThailandPass. 

Today, I received (an obviously phishing) email on the email address I had used for ThailandPass. 

Judging by the info they are asking for me, I can guess all they have managed to dump from ThailandPass' database are emails. 

Please, be very careful and don't even reply to them, they are not the Thai government, rather they are hackers with malicious intentions.


In my case, as I know what I'm doing, I'm gonna be trying to con them and as I am curious I want to find their whereabouts and see where they are based.

I will be updating this post as I find information about these cockroaches. 


Step 1(to "hacking" them back): Reply to their e-mail answering their questions (with fake data obviously): 






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They replied to my previous email asking for a scanned copy of my passport. 

So I uploaded a picture of a passport I found on Google Images to imgurl, and made a link on my server redirecting it to imgurl, but in the mean time capturing stuff like their IP, etc....

... They're in.... wait for it.... India




Furthermore an analysis on their domain passinformationthailand.com shows they were using Titan Mail for their phishing email. I have already reported it to Titan Mail, and as of now their mail capabilities have been disabled. Meaning they can no longer send or receive emails. 




Furthermore, their historic A records point to a server in Hostinger, which I have since reported for abuse and hope it will go down soon: 



These "hackers" (scammers) won't bother anyone anymore, at least not with this domain. 

Good luck to you, and hope nobody will ever fall into the tricks, and also I hope others will also shut them down following my way. it's pretty easy.




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