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Hamsters’ Testicles Shrink After Infected with Covid-19 (Another good reason to get vaccinated)


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In news that will have alarm bells ringing for half the world’s population, a new study suggests that COVID-19 could spell trouble for testicular health, including a decrease in size, sperm count, and testosterone levels.

The research, published on Feb. 18, was conducted over recent months by researchers at the University of Hong Kong to investigate the effect of COVID-19 on hamsters' testicles.

Varying doses of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, were intranasally delivered to hamsters—only some of which were vaccinated against the virus. The hamsters were then killed between one and 120 days after infection and their testicles examined.

What researchers found was an “acute decrease” in sperm count and testosterone levels four to seven days post-infection in unvaccinated hamsters. Meanwhile, “damage” to the testicular tissue—including inflammation, degeneration, and necrosis—was observed as early as a week after infection and persisted in the sample collected on Day 120.

Testicular size and weight were also found to be reduced after infection. Hamsters that were vaccinated against the virus did not exhibit testicular damage




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5 minutes ago, AussieBob said:

I immediately thought of the movie Children of Men - maybe that is what happened. 

I immediately thought of Freddie Starr.

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1 hour ago, Transam said:

I must have had Covid about 10 years back........................😂

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51 minutes ago, AussieBob said:

Just had another thunkt - cheaper than a vasectomy (if you survive it). 

They actually injected the Covid-19 virus directly into the hamster's testicles (Testicular inoculation). I know it's all in the name of science and to save us mankind but still...

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34 minutes ago, steve860 said:


I can't imagine the pain....

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1 minute ago, thaifarmer said:

I saved this article (hamster) to show my grandchildren.... thanks for posting it! 

A moment of silence for the hamsters which have bravely lost their testicles (and lives) in the name of saving mankind:


The hamsters were then killed between one and 120 days after infection and their testicles examined.


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1 hour ago, Poolie said:

I wonder what a hamsters nuts look like 120 days after infection? A bit like some posters brains I shouldnt wonder. 😃

I was thinking exactly that when I read your reply 😁

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