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Car Insurance Companies in Thailand.


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I bought my 2010 Isuzu Dmax super platinum 3.0 ltr 4 door manual Highlander pick up back in 2011, and the insurance was transferred over, on the renewal I went to Liberty Mutual at the time had the cheapest price of something like 13000 baht for full class 1 insurance covering 550,000 baht value, I had 1 claim for hitting an unmarked roadsign on a bend while overtaking a truck, Rang them-went to the processing center- left the car- picked it up about 4 weeks later-no complaints. and my sister inlaw had a little shopping center bingle that she exchanged the insurance details to the other party and i never heard anything after that.ince

Since the lockdowns started I dropped the insurance all together because i barely drive the car now, but I can see the country starting to open up and Im getting ready to travel again.

I looked at this Roojai.com https://www.roojai.com/en/car-insurance/?cq_src=google_ads&cq_cmp=1391387892&cq_plac=&cq_net=g&cq_plt=gp)&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_p_W38Lz9QIVXJNmAh1irgHNEAAYASAAEgIx7_D_BwE

But have never heard of them before and was just not too sure. 

Has anyone here used them and made a claim?

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I've been insuring the Ranger with Roojai for 5 years now.

Always inexpensive, & just had my annual renewal through & it's about 2k cheaper than last. 

Haven't made any claims, so no info available from me.

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Got the quote for my 2010 dmax 4dr 3'0 manual super platinum highlander (what a mouthful), I chose all drivers but me as the main and a 3000 baht excess, got a phonecall from a lady and i went through all the questions i had, answered all well and understood me perfectly, I was impressed, The quote was just over 7000 for 390,000 , seems like good price, Just have to scan some previous insurance co' documents to verify my no claim bonus of 20% and should be done. She said they have 3 recommended repairers in my mueang and the assessors are available by phonecall.  thanks Faraday and KR for the response.


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