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News Forum - Woman steals 10,000 baht in lottery tickets from vendors in Isaan


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A woman in the Isaan province Nakhon Ratchasima allegedly stole more than 100 lottery tickets, which cost a total of around 10,000 baht. CCTV footage from a local lottery shop shows a woman, who appears to be around 60 years old, talking tickets from the shop. The woman walked into the shop pretending to look at the numbers, but was she was actually stealing them, using a newspaper to cover her stash of tickets. The lottery tickets that were stolen were packed as sets of five and two. She reportedly got over 100 lottery tickets which cost around 10,000 baht. […]

The story Woman steals 10,000 baht in lottery tickets from vendors in Isaan as seen on Thaiger News.

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21 minutes ago, Prosaap said:

What are (talking tickets)?

They are tickets that tell the buyer that they are the winning tickets. More expensive than the normal ticket but well worth the extra cost.   😉

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at 60 years she is venturing to rob, which cannot be caught red handed, she would have made up her mind to this theft.  Poverty has no limits for age !

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1 hour ago, kalyan said:

 Poverty has no limits for age !

We don't know if she was poor.


Evidence suggests the rich actually do steal more than the poor  and shoplifting is only 'the first layer of the onion'


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It is most probably that the woman wanted to check her luck even though it was an illegal way, heh :D
Some people want to make their way from scratch to cash even like this, which happens sometimes. Who knows, maybe if she would read some https://lottothrill.com/blog/lotteries/scratch-and-win-cash/ articles -- she would abandon her idea to steal, lmao. 

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